Tester: Any update of your ROI?

Tester: Any update of your ROI?
Me: shared https://web.dev for the audit report
Tester: Thanks very quick, it’s perfect!
Me: Thanks, Sir!
Me: It’s Rank Math SEO PRO, Sir btw!

Mungkin gambar teks yang menyatakan 'Adve Pa Webn aster Google Partner web.dev Facebook artner Learn WORK Measure PERSON Blog ₩ https:/ PROJMAN About w Last audit: CloudwaysLogin 10, 5:47 AM ÛReport Search SWITCH URL Performance 74 RUN AUDIT Accessibility 94 Best Practices 87 SEO 98 First Contentful Paint Score scale: 0-49 Speed ndex 3.2s 50-89 Time 90-100 Interactive 5.3s LargestCon Paint 5.9s Total Blocking Time 3.3s Cumulative ayout Shift Core Web Vitals assessment. 0.03 learn more see Web Vitals.'

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