So I’m new at this and some may sound like stupid questions.

So I’m new at this and some may sound like stupid questions.

I don’t have a blog that I need to rank yet… I just want to get my website to rank at this stage.

What is good score and which pages should I index ?
Home Page I get a 95 score but pages like “Contact Us” or “About Us” or “pricing page” are harder to do. I cannot have a focus keyword repeat so much without it looking weird. Do I even index those pages ? Do I make my Home page Pilar content ? Do I have to get a 100 score ?

I have to say I’m enjoying this a lot.


  1. Hello, Thank you so much for getting in touch.

    Please remember that the SEO score is for your reference only and having a score of 100 doesn’t immediately guarantee that you’ll rank first for that focus keyword.
    Having said that, you should aim to index all pages on your website with content on them, so your “Contact Us”, “About Us” and “Pricing” pages should be indexed, even though it’s difficult to find a focus keyword to use on those pages.

    Setting your homepage as pillar content is not going to make a difference here since pillar content needs to be in the same category and pages don’t have categories in WordPress.

    What we recommend is that you try to improve the pages as much as you can following the guidelines we provide in the post-tests but don’t rely solely on that. You should also look into some off-page SEO optimization to increase the chances of your pages rank higher on SERPs. Here’s a very good article about this topic:

    Hope that helps and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need our assistance with anything else.

  2. For these pages, I would typically go in to Semrush and do a little more digging for keywords with decent volume. So my about us page can rank for keywords like ‘best digital marketing agency in melbourne’ or something along those line for which I don’t need to create a separate landing page. Hope it helps!

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