Out of nowhere, the “name” is missing from one of the author pages on this websi

Out of nowhere, the “name” is missing from one of the author pages on this website. Anyone know what could have caused this? Page is: https://champaigncounseling.com/author/emilybeck/

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Either “name” or “item.name” should be specified
Breadcrumbs issues detected
WordPress single author page
Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 Breadcrumbs issues

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  1. Some investigation on https://champaigncounseling.com/author/emilybeck/

    1) The page’s doesn’t appear to match the configuration in your example, and there’s no og:title meta tag being output at all.</p> <p>2) The author’s name property is empty, but not missing, in the schema markup.</p> <p>So, my guess would be that a plugin/theme is filtering those values in a non-standard way.</p> <p>I’ve just set up a test site, and can’t recreate this; so it might be worth testing disabling plugins one-at-a-time until we can find a culprit!

  2. Hey Jono Alderson, just letting you know that rolling back to Version 16.1.1 of Yoast has resolved the issue. I see in the changelog that there were some article-related enhancements in v 16.2 of the plugin. Perhaps those changes are related to this error?

    Would be happy to provide any assistance in debugging this if there’s a way I can help. I have enjoyed using Yoast SEO plugin, both free and premium, across many of my client sites – so would be happy to help in any way I can.

    In the meantime, yes, I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks again for the help so far.

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