I kindly need advice before I make mistakes.

I kindly need advice before I make mistakes.
I have a website which is 1 year old, it never ranked pretty well, At it’s best, it ranked for 43 keywords and all on lower google serp positions i.e page 3, 4, 5.. and after some little time, the website lost all those rankings and currently it’s getting about 8 impressions per day, one thing am pretty sure I was doing wrongly is creating low quality and thin content. The website has no manual penalty as per Google search console. Now am thinking about starting over and do things right, how should I go about it?

1. Should I continue with this domain, delete all old content (pages and posts) and start creating High quality long content.

2. Should I abondon the domain and and start over with fresh new domain so as not to continue wasting time on a website which will never rank

NB. Am afraid to continue wasting time working on this domain because I think that maybe its facing some kind of algorithm penalty and hence will never rank (not sure though, am newbie to SEO).

Is there anyone else here who think the website is suffering an algorithm penalty? If yes, will the website rank if I delete all the old duplicate, thin content and add original high quality content?


  1. Hello, Thank you so much for getting in touch.

    If the domain doesn’t have any manual penalty from Google bringing it down, it’s possible to rank with that domain.

    As is well-known content is king in terms of SEO, so a good basis is to start with great content that is well optimized.

    However, that is only part of the puzzle and you also need to focus some of your attention on the off-page SEO, like backlink building.

    Hope that helps and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need our assistance with anything else.

  2. Oliver, the best way to rank is with high quality content (like you’ve already mentioned). I’m not familiar with your website and since you didn’t mention it I don’t know what kind of content that you have. Don’t go and create duplicate content that’s not the way to score brownie points with Google, it’ll actually get you lower rankings. Create fresh content and add images to your posts. My best advice to you is to try the plug-in Rank Math and look at your posts SEO score and improve your SEO scores. If you’ve already been working on your site for over a year don’t give up on it so early. Stick it out a little longer to see what you can do. Another good tool to use (for free or use the paid version) is an artificial intelligence program called CanIRank. It’ll help you to examine your posts and improve your SEO. Just don’t go overboard with the use of too many keywords that it suggests. Scott | PinArtwork

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