How can i report my competitor for stuffing keywords?

How can i report my competitor for stuffing keywords?


  1. Your comment made my day.

    I would love to have competition that does keyword stuffing.

    Unfortunately, my competition knows their stuff.

  2. Just make quality content that answers questions, and makes you an authority in that sphere.. And boom, you will out rank them. Dont worry how your competitors waste their money on techniques that do not work.

  3. No need to do anything when google checks there website with bots! They will automatically derank them or even blacklist the website themselfs

  4. It’s none of your business. And there are no laws the owner is breaking.

    Steer clear and mind your business.

  5. jangan gitu lah bos hehe but believe it or not that sites will last long or even rank higher.. google indonesia not that strict compared to US. Even some AGC stuff still ranked good and dominated at some niche.

  6. 2005 called, they want their SEO tactics back. Yeah, this is when you just keep on going with best practices and let Google kick them in the shin for this.

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