Hi All. Looking for information about the use of Yoast for advanced SEO Schema.

Hi All. Looking for information about the use of Yoast for advanced SEO Schema. A couple of SEO experts told me Yoast doesn’t get pages ranked?



  1. It technically doesn’t. It’s more a “guide” than anything. That being said, it has a lot of helpful tools.

  2. Yoast is a great tool. But it won’t get you ranked just by installing and activating. That would kinda be like a carpenter buying a hammer, putting it in their toolbelt, and then expecting a table to appear. The carpenter has to use the hammer in order to build the table. And humans have to use Yoast to get their sites ranked. Make sense?

    If you have no budget, Yoast’s own trainings etc as already mentioned are great. I would also suggest moz.com and specifically starting with their beginner’s guide https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo

    For another low-budget option, the courses on lynda.com might be good to check out. I think there is a free trial and otherwise there are low-cost subscription plans.

    There are two things that get a page or post to rank. (1) the page/post content and (2) the number and quality links to that page/post. You can do a TON of other things but if you just learned these two, that would be a solid start. So search for “seo content writing” “seo keyword research” “seo meta” etc for item 1. And for item 2, “seo backlink strategy”

    But as you can see, a plugin cannot research for you or write content for you. Nor can a plugin do backlink outreach. Sooooo yeah. In that sense, “Yoast doesn’t get pages ranked” – but the plugin is still an excellent tool in your SEO toolbelt. So learning how to do some SEO stuff will help you take advantage.

    Hope this helps

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